Friday, September 12, 2008

Rape on the rise among female soldiers

Imagine this --- who could have ever seen this coming: put a 1,000 horny guys wearing BDU’s in a desert, isolate them from wives and girlfriends, and then throw 5-10 women in their midst; what could possibly go wrong in that situation?

Now, to be clear, I don’t condone rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment under any circumstances. I categorically denounce these things, finding them perverse and evil. But, I want to point out that this is exactly what you are going to get when you put men and women together in combat, in very close quarters, in isolation from wives and girlfriends for months at a time. A situation like that is going to explode just as surely as throwing gasoline on a fire will stoke flames. As evil as this is, you are not going to change it through sensitivity training or bureaucratic red tape; this kind of behavior is just the nature of the beast in a fallen world. I hope that these findings force the feminists, egalitarians, and pc policy wonks to stop using the US military as a laboratory for their social experiments. Our military is the best in the world at what it does: developing a battle plan and executing it with precision, and that is exactly what you want out of an armed force. Since that is what a military is for, and not for creating an egalitarian social utopia staffed with social workers, bureaucrats, and nannies running around putting soldiers on “time outs” and taking their snack time from them if they act up, this is a wake-up call to mission discipline and to move the women out of the combat areas entirely. Keep them in the hospitals, rear units, and support roles far away from the men. If the military doesn’t wake up and segregate the troops its going to continue to have this mess on its hands, and end up spending its precious time on investigations and prosecutions, and its going to spend its critical resources on shrinks to help these poor women deal with the violence perpetrated on them. It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned these equal opportunity folks are, because in spite of their well-meant intentions, they are creating a context for violence to be perpetrated on the very people they are supposedly helping; and for that, they are culpable. Even the apparent "mercies" of a fool are cruel.


Vic said...

According to this story the US Govt is willing to spend $40 million dollars for "education and prevention." Frankly, I'd rather take your suggestion and get the women out of there for their own sake, if as it's stated, women are more likely to be raped by their own colleagues than to be killed by the enemy. Because, being acutely aware of man's frailty and sinful nature, no amount of "education" and "prevention" can appease our sexual desire but what God has gracefully provided, namely a wife. Assuming, however, that the femenists and politically correct will not take this humble advice, I believe justice should be done in a timely manner and without repercussions to the afflicted, such as ignoring their complaints or persecution for bringing a claim.

On another note, given the fact that men in combat are deprived of their wives and therefore of the only godly means to appease their insatiable sexual desire, what would you recommend? Having seen the HBO miniseries Generation Kill, which is actually based on true events, men in the military reportedly resort to pornography and "combat jacks" (please don't make me explain, it's as evident as it sounds). Is this method the lesser of two evils?

John Sawtelle said...

"combat jacks?" that is hilarious. Best advice is don't join the military if you don't like gettin hard up with no place to go because you can count on 6 month to 12 month deployments as routine if you are in today's military.


Vic said...

Amen to that, John. You know, with the advent of phenomenal technological inventions that this nation is more than capable of, maybe in the not too distant future the government can actually spend those $40 million dollars to invent a device that would somehow allow you to virtually "engage" with your wife from the middle east, or wherever the neocons would have us by then. We can even name this device, say the VirtuoCohabitator. I would definitely invest in that!

PRCalDude said...

When I was in the Navy, the women officers aboard always developed psychological problems on deployment or on the work up for deployment.

The enlisted women would often get knocked up just before deployment so that they wouldn't have to go.

Honestly, they make for great scenery sometimes but are more trouble than they're worth.