Saturday, March 7, 2009

UFC 96

I don't think there is a lot to say here about this UFC. This card is pretty much a one horse show, with Jackson v Jardine at the top, the rest of the matches are not that big of a deal. That being the case, I will only comment on two matchups.

Jackson v Jardine
This fight will not go well for Jardine. Jackson has too much speed, too much strength, and too much power. I call this fight for Jackson either via knockout or TKO probably in the 2nd round. Jardine is a good fighter at 205, but will never make it to the top of the heap in the UFC. That is no disrespect to his skills, its just to say that his natural abilities are just not top 3 level, and they won't ever be. Jackson, on the other hand, has tremendous athletic ability and has made some good adjustments to his training since joining up with the boys from Wolfslair. Once Jackson puts Jardine aside, the table should be set for the Jackson-Rashad Evans title fight, and I don't have to tell even the casual MMA fan that that will be a huge fight.

Gonzaga v Carwin
I really like this matchup for a lot of reasons. Carwin is an enormous guy with great athletic ability, excellent wrestling, and improved striking. Gonzo has great jujitsu and improved striking, as well as a ton of big-time MMA experience. I have a hunch that Gonzo wins this via submission. Carwin is a great wrestler, but I don't have confidence that he wins if this thing goes to the ground. The wild card in this fight is the stand up game. Will Carwin be able to use his greater size to tie Gonzo up, control the distance between them, and hold him against the cage and dirty box him, or will Gonzo keep Carwin at bay with leg kicks and superior foot work? At the end of the day I say Gonzo has too much experience against better opponents to lose this, but Carwin does have a chance for an upset. Look for a great fight and I think the winner of this match can make a strong argument that they deserve a shot at the belt.

Enjoy the fights!


Vic said...

Great card! 1st round KOs all around except for the main fight...I guess I was a little disappointed in Rampage...expected more passion from him.

Garwin's KO was kick-a$$ though.

Vic said...


You can catch the entire event on video here: