Wednesday, May 11, 2011

About Face!

I must say that I am completely stunned, and extremely gratified by this policy reversal. Thank the Lord for those five dozen house lawmakers who had the courage to put a stop to this. As encouraging as this might be for the moment, we still need to keep the pressure on. The way this retraction reads is that the reverse course is temporary until all the red tape is in place. Love of country and of love of God demands that we push back on this issue and let our local representatives know that this policy cannot be implimented.

By the way-- and I will revisit this in a series of subsequent posts about classic Reformed reflection on the magistrate -- here are some links you might want to check out so that you can brush up on historic Reformed political thought. There are plenty of leading lights out there who claim to speak definitively for the Reformers, and much of what they say is dead wrong. Enjoy!

John Knox on the magistrate

Bucer on penology

Zanchi on the Godly Prince

George Gillespie (17th century Scottish theologian and commissioner to the Westminster Assembly) Wholesome Severity


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Oscar said...

I went back to some older 2K posts by that Iron Ink gentleman; he hits hard: but also, with hard facts!

Another thing that throws me about this 2K matter is that as soon as I hint at any moral issues in our conversation, I am immediately accused of moralism. So if I buy into their approach on Christ’s Kingship, the implication is that while I am out in the world (outside the Gospel preaching Church) I am to avoid like the plague any possible contamination of that Kingship by the civil realm with its natural law and “common kingdom” autonomy. Does that make sense? This reminds me of the movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” In Christ’s Kingdom we must survive in incubator conditions, protected from the outside world.

By the way, Pastor, thank you for the references.